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M&A advice for founders

We specialise in building domain intelligence and advising founders throughout their journey from securing investment from top tier VC funds to selling to major strategic acquirers.
While a successful transaction – whether M&A or a fund-raise – comprises many complex factors, the psychology within the process is frequently underestimated. At Aurelius, we understand how critical these human drivers are in delivering the most transformative outcomes.


To ensure we achieve optimal results for our clients, we merge incisive and thematic market analysis with transactional investment banking capability, and we identify the fundamental strategic logic for M&A and/or fundraising. From this, we construct an equity narrative that increases conviction, enhances deal terms and reduces the risk of deal failure.​
As we have worked exclusively with founders over the course of many successful transactions, we have a wealth of experience in matching them with the most compatible investors and acquirers. We then guide them through processes which are inevitably deeply personal, and with which they might be unfamiliar. ​

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength"

Marcus Aurelius


Our current focus is on Web3, AI / ML and automation.
As much as 90% of business data (text, voice, images) is unstructured, and cannot be used to train ML models or automate processes until it is converted to a structured (tabulated) form. We focus on the structuring of that data, which unlocks new business lines and improves the efficiency of existing businesses. We are only beginning to see its transformative impact.
We regularly brief many of the biggest acquirers in these spaces, and work with founders who are rapidly commercialising this technology.

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